How to clean concrete mixer tanks Concrete mixer manufacturer to introduce clean-up methods under concrete mixer tank: 1. Manual cleaning method: concrete mixer tanks need to be removed and an artificial hammers, scraping shovel to remove scale; low cleaning efficiency, labor-intensive and difficult to clean, easy to cause secondary damage to the tank. 2. Ordinary scale cleaning agent: water concrete pump manufacturers tank to be torn, not completely clear, smell great, corrosion resistance, easy to cause the tank aging and shorten its life. 3. Professional concrete mixer tanks detergents: without dismantling to clean, but also in clean condition without stopping. Directly after the special scale cleaning agent into the concrete mixer water system, let it soak, idle cycle or driving 20-30 minutes (depending on the degree of fouling may be appropriate to extend the time, usually no more than one hour), the mixer tanks and detergents inside the system drained, repeatedly rinse with water can effectively remove the engine water system scale, rust, mud and a variety of harmful substances. Small concrete mixer transport use precautions Small concrete mixer manufacturers to introduce the next small concrete mixer transport use precautions: 1, small concrete mixer before loading the car residual concrete blocks should be cleaned with water after the wet wall water tank exhausted. 2, before the station, carried in the delivery note and verify the strength of concrete mixer truck, car hanging consistent identity. 3, concrete during transport, mixing drum should be at a low speed (3 ~ 6r / min), a small concrete mixer of heavy vehicles with the fastest shall not exceed 50km / h. 4. On arrival, you should check the strength of concrete in the mixer pouring site identified requirements and needs are the same. 5, the front loading, mixing drum should be rotated at high speed for 30 seconds, then reverse the material, such as concrete tank precipitation or slump loss is too large and should not be pumping when, they should be adjusted and rotated at high speed China concrete mixer price 3 minutes before the material. 6, the driver may not be in the way, adding water to the car in the field, without undue stay or a meal (especially at night) on the way. 7, if the failure of a small concrete mixer, mixing station should take the initiative to contact the suppliers to mobilize other vehicles to be supplemented to ensure a continuous supply of building site concrete. 8, if the transport process in case of traffic jam, can not guarantee timely supply of concrete, should be notified by telephone immediately following vehicle change transportation routes, in order to ensure a continuous supply of building site concrete.

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